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Greenwell Water Saver – themichaelminer.com

Greenwell Water Saver

In a collective effort to better promote this fairly new product and its ability to save water when watering plants, we set out to create feature content around the product that shows how to use it. The content included an inspiring video demonstrating its use, an infographic creatively and visually providing the information that supports using the product, and new photography showing use with and without. I was essentially responsible for creating and delivering all the creative content.

I began the process by pre-planning and storyboarding the video portion of the content. Once that part was complete I took the comparison information provided from a Copywriter and started developing the infographic, which I knew needed to be sort of a side-by-side. I started by illustrating the ground, then the trees, the greenwell, and then I created the other sections for the photos and CTA. All of the video and photo content was shot in the same session. Afterward I organized the media, edited and color corrected the video footage, placed a pre-produced CTA slate on the end, then edited and color corrected the photos, and finally created a cinemagraph from the video footage cropped for different social media platforms. It all came together to create one cohesive content package to promote the product, since publishing the video and content the product has experienced an increase in sales in the first two weeks over the previous year.

Featured as one of Charlotte's top photographers